Wilderness Therapy Programs for Troubled Teens Arizona AZ

Wilderness Therapy Programs for Troubled Teens in Arizona

Thanks to today’s rise in troubled teens, residential facilities like wilderness therapy programs are also on the rise - including facilities targeting families from the state of Arizona.

wilderness programs for troubled girls from Arizona

Wilderness therapy programs are residential treatment facilities that have the unique distinction of operating completely outdoors. According to wilderness therapy advocates, wilderness therapy programs are effective in rehabilitating the negative behaviors of troubled teens largely thanks to its wilderness environment - one that is completely removed from the distractions, and more importantly, the negative influence of the outside world.

While there may not be any wilderness therapy programs in the state of Arizona, there are plenty of wilderness therapy programs that serve families from all over the nation.

However, parents from Arizona considering utilizing this type of treatment should first be made aware of its downside.

Like many of today’s ‘cutting-edge treatments offering the latest behavioral and mental health treatments to families of troubled teens, there are some wilderness therapy programs that are simply out to make a quick buck, understaffed, or clinically untested.

Elk Mountain Academy: A New Kind of Wilderness Therapy Program for Troubled Girls in Arizona

Elk Mountain Academy is a wilderness therapy and residential treatment program for troubled girls rolled up in one dynamic and reputable facility.

We offer troubled girls from Arizona a unique treatment opportunity in participating in both wilderness therapy and residential treatment. By providing both forms of treatment in one destination, we guarantee our students will receive the most effective and consistent care that no two separate programs could possibly provide.

At Elk Mountain, it is our mission to provide excellent behavioral, emotional, and spiritual balance to teen girls whose lives have become unmanageable due to out of control behavior.

While our residential treatment center is located in Idaho, we have proudly served families from all over the country (including those from ~region) for over 20 years.

Elk Mountain Provides Innovative Therapy, including individual, group and family counseling to troubled teens from Arizona.

We also provide specialized help for students dealing with trauma and/or abandonment issues. Whatever the underlying issues may be, our goal is to uncover the psychological factors contributing to our student’s unhealthy behavioral choices.

"The Elk Mountain Academy students learn therapeutic tools that will assist them for the rest of her life... to be a healthy young woman."

Students at Elk Mountain Academy live together in our beautiful lodge and meet regularly with their therapist, who helps them confront fears and gain confidence in a safe, nurturing, and structured environment. Elk Mountain Provides Innovative Therapy, including individual, group and family counseling. We also provide specialized help for students dealing with trauma and/or abandonment issues.

Girls who are having emotional and behavioral problems tend to be failing in school. So, our on-site, accredited academic program is intentionally computer-based and assisted by a licensed teacher, so that girls get caught up and even get ahead in their schooling.

Regular academic progress reports are available at any time.

For more information regarding our treatment program, please call us today at (208) 266-1122.

Help for Believers from Arizona

24/7 Crisis Lines for people living in Arizona: If any Christian man, woman, or child is dealing with alcohol and drug abuse, anorexia, binge eating, bipolar disorder, Borderline, BPD, bulimia, cutting, depression, sexual abuse, runaways, or self-injury.

List of hotlines for people from Arizona (see below). Help for people from Arizona who have found themselves in bad situations should Dial 911 immediately, or call:

Crisis Numbers for Teens (Under 18) From Arizona

Girls and Boys Town for Teens from Arizona: 1-800-448-3000

Hearing Impaired from Arizona: 1-800-448-1833

Youth Arizona Crisis Hotline: 1-800-448-4663

Teen Hope Line in Arizona: 1-800-394-HOPE

Covenant House Nineline: 1-800-999-9999

At Elk Mountain Academy we've created an intimate environment where emotional and spiritual growth is personal and rewarding. We aim to lead, mentor, coach, and edify our students from Arizona so that they become self-motivated and governed by the standards Christ set for us.

Arizona Suicide Hotlines

Arizona Suicide Hotlines: Arizona Suicide Hotlines: If you would prefer to call an Arizona suicide hotline instead of a national hotline, there are several Arizona suicide prevention hotlines available. However, unlike most national options, some Arizona hotlines may not be staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Arizona suicide hotline numbers include:

NAMI Arizona: 602-244-8166

Mental Health Association of Arizona: 480-982-5305

EMPACT - Arizona Suicide Prevention Center: 480-784-1514

Arizona Teen Lifeline: 602-248-8337

Elk Mountain Academy is a non-denominational Christian therapeutic boarding school for struggling girls from Arizona. We focus on therapeutic intervention, college-preparatory academics, Christian discipleship, emotional growth, and leadership training.

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