Christian Boarding Schools and the Importance of Extracurricular Activities

Besides its emphasis on academia and studying Christian teachings, a (reputable) Christian boarding school will often go offsite to round out students' life education. These programs commonly require their students to participate in various service projects, such as mission work, helping the community, and other charity forms. Not only do these types of services benefit students outside of the program, but they also instill practical life lessons to the students.  

Examples of this would include a teen going to a less fortunate area and bringing with them food, scriptures, and other aid that may be necessary and local community service - allowing troubled girls to give back to society.

Aside from helping others within the community who are less fortunate or in need of the Gospel, these altruistic activities also serve as life-altering moments in which young girls can genuinely experience growth and learn invaluable lessons in humility, faith, and the importance of having compassion for others. 

Additionally, more traditional extracurricular activities such as physical fitness and athletics, are also invaluable tools in assisting teens in their overall personal development and improvement. 

Why are Extracurricular Activities Important? 

Besides keeping children entertained, extracurricular activities can be invaluable when it comes to fostering and bettering the overall development of a teenage girl's character. 

It is well known that extracurricular activities such as sports, community activities, etc. provide the following benefits:

  • Motivation to succeed in school
  • Has a positive effect on a teen's willingness to participate academically (as well as therapeutically and spiritually when pertaining to a Christian residential treatment center) 
  • Promotes positive behavioral change in teens - a very important aspect when it comes to troubled youth programs

Research involving foster children with behavioral, academic, and emotional problems shows that extracurricular activities promote positive changes in troubled teen's academics, their behavioral patterns, and invaluable when it comes to developing self-confidence.  

In similar studies, extracurricular activities are also linked to decreasing negative behaviors such as criminal activities, substance abuse and addiction, and other anti-social behaviors. 

In short, choosing a program that includes extracurricular activities should be a priority for parents seeking the services of a plan for their troubled daughter. Unfortunately, not all programs, Christian or otherwise, do not always emphasize the importance of extracurricular activities. This is mainly because most states have little to no guiding policies regarding including such activities. 

That said, only Christian Boarding Schools that take the initiative of supplying such activities on themselves, such as Elk Mountain Academy, are able to provide troubled youth with such a crucial aspect of development and self-improvement.  

Clinically Proven Therapy

Besides providing extracurricular activities, a Christian boarding school for troubled girls (or any program for troubled youth) should also include clinical treatments that effectively treat mental health disorders in troubled adolescents.  

Unfortunately, many Christian-based programs do not emphasize this aspect of treatment as much as is required for actual change to take place. 

Fortunately, Christian treatment programs emphasize the importance of providing genuine, professionally conducted clinical treatments - not unlike our top-tier treatment facility here at Elk Mountain Academy. 

At Elk Mountain...

Students participate in weekly individual therapy. The frequency of therapy sessions can vary from student to student. Some of our girls receive individual therapy in one sitting or a course of therapy may occur over multiple short sessions during the week. We utilize highly crucial group therapy sessions twice a week, as well as specialty groups for specific issues such as as adoption and addiction. 

Our staff has over 60 years of combined experience in therapy with adolescents. We specialize in dialectic behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, EMDR, reality therapy, and trauma therapy.

Clinically proven therapies at a Christian boarding school may include: 

  • Individual, group and family therapy sessions
  • Art therapy
  • Addiction treatment
  • Equine and other forms of animal therapy

The importance of employing a clinically proven mental health curriculum is paramount for any kind of treatment center. Incidentally, parents of a troubled teenage girl should make finding a treatment program that emphasizes a clinically balanced regimen a top priority. 

Elk Mountain Academy is such a program. With over 20 years in the troubled teen industry, we employ a fully licensed staff who are experts in clinically treating the underlying mental health issues in troubled girls. 

At Elk Mountain, we subscribe to the notion that Jesus is the only answer. That being the case, we are blessed to have faith-based and fully licensed therapeutic professionals who understand the importance of combining clinical treatment with that of the teachings of Christ. 

For more information, please call us at (208) 266-1122.